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This is a jQuery plugin for the PhotoSwipe that allow you to setup PhotoSwipe with just a few code.. Usage Step 1. Include JS and CSS files. The CSS files are provided by PhotoSwipe, you can find them in the dist folder of PhotoSwipe's GitHub repository This minor patch fixes issue with devices that have multiple types on input, running Windows 10 and Chrome ().Larger update with improvements of API, certain parts of PhotoSwipe UI and functionality will hopefully be released in a near future (subscribe to get notified by email) Join GitHub today. GitHub is home to over 31 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together JavaScript image gallery for mobile and desktop, modular, framework independent - dimsemenov/PhotoSwipe

Open photoswipe. © 2015 Minh Tran jqPhotoSwipe - jQuery for PhotoSwipe Easy to use jQuery wrapper for PhotoSwipe. No need to image dimensions. Home View on GitHub Download .zip Download .tar.gz jQuery Wrapper for PhotoSwipe Photoswipe. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets

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PhotoSwipe demo. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets PhotoSwipe can be closed simply by scrolling the page (on non-touch devices), thus avoiding any extra movement of the mouse. The background can be set to any color and transparency level. The vertical margins between images can be controlled through an API The Perfect Lightbox? Using PhotoSwipe with jQuery Back to the Tutorial. If false, the PhotoSwipe element will take the size of the positioned parent of the template. Take a look at the FAQ for more information. Default UI Options. Options for PhotoSwipeUI_Default (dist/ui/photoswipe-ui-default.js) are added the same way and to the same object as core options

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  1. Photoswipe 3.0.4 with Android ICS 3D Transform Fix - photoswipe3..4.icsfix.j
  2. I am trying to find out how to serve responsive images using photoswipe with inline data-attributes, like for example, data-small=small.jpg data-large=large.jpg etc. The documentation shows how to serve images programatically with pure js, but it is way over my head, and i am afraid to ask, since photoswipe clearly does not depend on jquery.
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  4. Wrapper element adding to [data-pswp] attribute. --> <div data-pswp> <!-- Detect image links from internal elements and generate PhotoSwipe objects. --> <!-
  5. PhotoSwipe image gallery getting started guide. Order of pswp__bg, pswp__scroll-wrap, pswp__container and pswp__item elements should not be changed.. You might ask, why PhotoSwipe doesn't add this code automatically via JS, reason is simple - just to save file size, in case if you need some modification of layout
  6. The latest Tweets from PhotoSwipe (@PhotoSwipe). Disturbingly good JavaScript gallery, by @dimsemenov We've detected that JavaScript is disabled in your browser

Maybe we can try to modify it so that it is possible to call var collage = new PhotoSwipe( p, P, i, o ) from on-page scripts while maintaining current link-reading capability and customizations. What I'm trying to achieve: show a single image, which is a collage of multiple images itself, on the page This is a quick and dirty mashup of a nice photoswipe javascript gallery (which supports touch input) with Justified.js (which provides layout of the images in the gallery) with images sourced from Flickr albums (which conveniently provides images of various sizes). You can use this demo page as an example how to implement this quick'n'dirty. 基于photoswipe的vue图片预览组件. 2019-02-02更新. 修复打开和关闭图片页面时,动画起始位置总是位于图片组最后一张的问题 Include Photoswipe Library and main.js (after PhotoSwipe) file located in js folder. Step 2. Add a HTML tag that acts as a container for all your gallery images. We'll use a div with class images-container in this case. Step 3. Add gallery images inside your container. Make sure you preserve a similar figure tag as below. Add as many figure.

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