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The troublesome 1.4TSI was the turbo charged / super charged version as found in the Ibiza Cupra, Polo GTI, Fabia VRS etc. No major issues with our Leon ACT, 52k miles now and only problem was. VW golf 6 - motor problem. How a TDI engine VNT turbo works and how they fail and cause limp mode or low power - Duration: 4:30. myturbodieseldotcom 2,040,314 view As I have cut my taxi milage down to around 30K a year , Im thinking of going for the 1.4 TSI , is there any known problems to look out for, like engine drinking oil, like the older 1.8 , and gearbox wise, it will be a manual if i go for one. 70% of milage is town wor

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The 2017 Volkswagen Tiguan has 19 problems & defects reported by Tiguan owners. The worst complaints are brakes, fuel system problems The 1.4TSI doesn't do air to air intercooling for reasons uknown to me at this time. The little air to water intercooling system of the 1.4TSI is a departure from the norm for VW/Audi in the US. One hopes that the system does not develop a coolant leak inside of the intake manifold which is possible with air to water systems 1.4TSI Twincharger Engine Issues Technical Support. 1.4TSI Twincharger Known Issues . This page is a collation of engine issues that have been seen on both the newer generation Euro5 compliant 1.4TSI - Twincharger engines. Certain issues have been addressed by the manufacturer as described below Q. I have seen reports that there are problems with the engine in the Skoda Octavia 1.4 TSI and that the company is stopping production. As the owner of an Octavia, should I be worried? JP, Aberdeen. A. The TSI engine was developed by the Volkswagen group, owner of Skoda. TSI stands for turbocharged stratified injection VW-Audi 1.4 TSI TFSI Engine Problems and Reliability. 1. Timing chain and tensioner noise is the widespread issue for the 1.4 TSI engine. One of them (or both) needs in the replacement as soon as possible. 2. A car doesn't accelerate well. Very often, that is a problem with Wastegate in the turbocharger. 3

Pretty much anything from VW is reliable, I've seen VW Up's with 60,000 miles on that engine that are fine, and know a few people that put a lot of stress on them and have no problems. The only thing I would say is its probably a little underpowered for the golf due to the extra weight The problem lies in the internals of the engine, with noticeable symptoms such as rough idle, engine misfire fault codes, and lack of power when accelerating. A compression check will aid diagnosis of the problem, and you will likely find a piston has cracked or broken a ring lan List of Volkswagen Group petrol engines. The spark-ignition petrol engines listed below are currently [when?] used by 2010 [citation needed] and also in Volkswagen Industrial Motor applications. All listed engines operate on the four-stroke cycle, and unless stated otherwise, use a wet sump lubrication system, and are water-cooled

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Sporadic problems are starting to occur on turbo/supercharged versions of the VW Group's 1.4 TSI (but not the turbo-only 1.4 TSI 122). I'd say the timing chain problem was a consequence of the. The faulty timing chain was not initially detected, and then there were supply problems with the replacement part. the workshop spoke of an isolated incident. The damage was under warranty, but refunded in full, but there is so to fear that the problem recurs. So I would only be a problem if one grants an extended warranty or extended warranty Only company car we've rejected in decades was a 1.4Tsi Scirrocco. Endless problems with faulty coil packs. Not just running problems, I'm talking the car actually breaking down. If you google 1.4tsi coil packs, you will see umpteen hits The more worrying problem is that (almost since new) the transmission intermittently loses drive. This happens once or twice every couple of weeks. In each case I have been traveling at speed (usually 80 ~ 100 km/h), rapidly decelerate (but not stop) to corner, and then heavily accelerate to clear oncoming traffic Tiguam 1.4TSI Engine Fan running all the time. I have my tiguan for about 16 months now with no problems until now - Volkswagen 2009 Tiguan questio

I'm one of the few to have had problems with this engine. Luckily i now have a new car. On a place like this the problems are magnified as such a tiny percentage of 1.4tsi owners are here, many of which have had problems and searched for help resulting in them finding this forum I am the first, it seems, on this forum and let us wait a year or two after this posting and I promise many of us will have issues with the TSI engine. Others have said they have problems and many have complained about the 2010 TSI engines with DSG. Volkswagen makes engines way to complicated and worst of all does not succeed at it. Images. This new problem was at full fuelling the wide pattern would extinguish the spark of the spark plug which is sat almost directly in line with the injector. It is because this 1.4TSI engine is actually based on the old 1.4 16v engine from years ago so that wasn't addressed

Bom dia!! Caríssimos, desta vez venho cá, pois o carro de um amigo está com problemas, e como sempre gostava de ouvir as vossas opiniões. O que se passa é o seguinte, há uns dias começou a aparecer no painel de instrumentos a luz de problema no motor, mas como desaparecia logo a seguir ele ainda andou um ou dois dias com ele assim, até que se decidiu e foi a um concessionário ver o. hi all! I registered here to get the opinion/solution to the problem of my 1.4tsi Yeti (year 2012). The problem is that cca for 30 sec after the start I get: - high rev idle around 1100/min - jearky ride if I try to drive away - no power. Vypadá to, že oblíbená jednotka 1,4 TSI od Volkswagenu je náchylná k poruchám rozvodového řetězu, a to i u relativně nových vozů. Náchylnost k poruše rozvodového řetězu, který spojuje klikový hřídel s hřídeli vačkovými, je potenciálně velmi nebezpečná. Poškození. Owners of Volkswagen Golfs fitted with 118 TSI engines are being asked to have their engines checked out. The problem also affects Jetta models using the same engine. Although not a recall, Volkswagen Australia this week issued a service campaign on 6690 locally delivered Golfs and Jettas fitted with the high-tec V poslední době se na německých motoristických serverech objevily informace o náchylnosti řetězu u motoru 1.4TSI k přeskočení. Bohužel Volkswagen se chová velice tajnůstkářsky a neposkytl zatím žádné technické specifikace, je tedy poměrně obtížné dovodit si, které z verzí motoru 1.4 TSI se problémy týkají (hovoří se zejména o 103kW verzi)

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Volkswagen's all-new, seventh-generation Golf went on UK sale on 7 January, with prices from £16,285. Is it worth your hard-earned cash? We've driven the 138bhp 1.4-litre petrol to find out. The problem was the tape they used, because I was able to remove the entire tape marks now lately in December! The new 1.2 TSI CBZB engine You can observe the new fuel pressure pump that i had to pay for about 300 Euros WhatCar? has chosen the Golf 1.4TSI as its Small Family Car of the Year for every year from 2009 to 2012, commending it in unambiguous terms: 'the 1.4 TSI is punchy, but keeps running costs low. It's also very smooth, which contributes to the Golf's exemplary refinement' Volkswagen Passat 1. T his is a unit we know from cars such as the Golf and Audi A3, where it has impressed with its use of Active Cylinder Technology to run on only two of its available four.

DSG GearBox Problems. 3.7K likes. Together, by supplying any information about defected DSG gearboxes, We can Prove the problems in them and force the.. APR's ECU upgrades are one of the best horsepower-per-dollar modifications for the new 1.4T engine. The APR Stage I ECU Upgrade is designed to work without requiring other changes to the vehicle's hardware VW-Audi 1.4 TSI TFSI EA111 Engine Problems. Stretching of the timing chain and problem with the tensioner. The most common flaw 1.4 TSI, which appears when the run from 40-100 thousand. Km. Noise in is a typical symptom. Treatment: you should replace the timing chain In November 2013, a recall was issued for Volkswagen Tiguan vehicles that were manufactured between 2008 and 2011. In these vehicles, thermal overload of a fuse that operated some of the exterior vehicle lights could blow and cause the external lights would fail, thereby posing a hazard to the driver and other road users (PRA 2013/13836)

The most of the tuned 1.4 tsi have stock pistons without problem, pistons are durable till 270hp BUT 1.4 TSI 180hp version( Polo GTI, Ibiza Cupra,etc) have problems with high oil usage . Also the first 1.4 TSI CAVD(Scirocco) at 2008-09 production had problems with broken pistons this is why the 24S4 Update was a MUST from VW That 1.4tsi engine has no problems with timing chains. A friends just had a 3k bill to repair his polo with the same engine after the chain failed at 47k. Not an isolated incident by any means Here at Jennings Volkswagen, we know you have a lot of options when it comes to choosing where to take your business. That is why we try to be the best we can be, working to take care of everyone who visits our dealership and making sure they have the best possible experience Address: 1000 Seville Road, Wadsworth, OH 44281 Phone: 1.800.924.5172 Web: www.ecstuning.com FSI vs. TSI explained 5 The heart of the matter.. The High Pressure Fuel Pump (henceforth known as HPFP) is arguably the most crucial and occasionally problematic mechanical componen

My 20 month old VW Golf Match 1.4tsi, 60 plate has started to not start. No problem with battery, just wouldn't fire. Called out RAC or AA 3 times. On 2 occasions the car started first time. On the second occasion the AA man could only start it by spraying his magic stuff into the air supply Pitanje: Gospodine Todoroviću, dvoumim se između ova dva automobila, jer jako malo ljudi ima iskustva sa ovim tsi motorom, međutim meni je bitna potrošnja pa zbog toga 1.4, ne brzina, i da auto ima dosta opreme pa zato bih uzeo gt. Dizele baš i ne preferiram, a ljudi kažu da je 1.4 slabo za auto od 1300kg, ali pošto vozim golf 3 koji ima 53 konja, svakako ce mi ovih 120 ili više konja.

V letech 2005 až 2015 nabízela skupina Volkswagen technicky i jízdně mimořádně zajímavý přeplňovaný motor. Šlo o čtyřválec 1.4 TSI Twincharger. Jaký je tento motor po letech? A proč byste si jej neměli pořizovat? Pokud byste kvalitu motorů posuzovali podle vítězství v anketě. Gledao sam još 1.2 tsi koji je hladan i kod njega se čuo ovaj zvuk ali samo 1-2 sec. Nije mi problem ako je normalan zvuk. Za te stare 1.4 tsi od 125 KS znam da su imali problema sa lancem ali sam računao da su do sada otklonili sve probleme a i ovaj moj nema lanac nego zupčasti

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  1. Novi Golf sedme generacije je izuzetan porodični automobil, broj jedan u svojoj klasi. VW je još jednom dokazao svetu da je na samom vrhu kompakt klase, jer je Golf VII u mnogima segmentima iznad skupljih automobila kao što su Mercedes A klase i BMW serije 1
  2. Does the Audi A3 1.4t also give as much problems as the VW Golf 6 1.4tsi
  3. Fuse location for VW Golf 1.4TSI 2009 model. i have the same problem my electric roof isnt working with the switch.there is a relay under the back seat and if i.

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So a 2012 Golf 1.4TSi GT is likely to be more reliable than an earlier model but still suspect? I am somewhat older than you so cost of insurance is not a problem (I pay just over £165 on a. CAR magazine's independent long-term test of the Seat Leon. We live with Seat's Leon 1.4 TSI to see how it performs. Full expert review her VW Touran 1.4 TSI. From £18,837. Hardly a visual treat, but the Twincharger engine is more than a technical gimmick - it makes this 1.4-litre petrol a better bet than an equivalent diesel Browse Volkswagen Golf Vi 1.4 Tsi for Sale (Used) listings on Cars.co.za, the latest Volkswagen news, reviews and car information. Everything you need to know on one page

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Buenas a todos, quería comentarles mi caso ya que despues d tanto buscar estoy algo desesperado, tengo un golf VI 1.4tsi 122cv tiene 88.000 kilometros tiene 7 años y a partor d los dos ne sonaba el ruido metálico pero ahora ya es muy seguido sobretodo al arrancar, el caso es que lo lleve a la casa oficial y me dicen que cambiar todo el kit. The 1.4TSI 125hp/150 was highly problematic and unnecessarily complicated having both turbo and compressor, it is regarded as one of the unsuccessful engines from the EA888 family since 2007+ and no wonder why VAG are replacing it with a newer 1.5L

The two problem areas - the clutch weakness of the 7 speed box and the reliability issues of the 1.4 160 - mean that a very large health warning comes with this particular model of the car. International Engine of the Year awards. Our pioneering technology has impressed motoring experts from across the world. Our TSI range has won the 1-litre to 1.4-litre category of the prestigious International Engine of the Year Awards for five years running and was voted the International Engine of the Year and Best Green Engine in 2009 CarBuyer helps you decide which new car to buy, with expert car reviews, car news, helpful buying guides and detailed video test drives Not to imply that the Golf isn't new; it shares almost nothing with its predecessor. The wheelbase is up 2.3 inches, length grows by 2.1 inches, width is up a half-inch, and the roof is 1.0 inch. Thanks Plodd, The 1.4tsi in the Yeti is likely pretty similar to the one in the Passat, except for ACT. The Yeti is 50kg heavier (and 1800kg max tow), but good to see that a comparable car can pull that weight.

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Twincharger refers to a compound forced induction system used on some piston-type internal combustion engines.It is a combination of an exhaust-driven turbocharger and a mechanically-driven supercharger, each mitigating the weaknesses of the other I have problem with my 2009 Leon 1.4TSI. On four occasions I have come back to the parked car to find all the windows - Answered by a verified UK Auto Mechani 1.4 TSI 170 GT Petrol Supercharger Issue - posted in MkV (Mk5) Golf, Golf Plus & Jetta: Hi, I'm not sure if I can describe this problem accurately enough to try and resolve this, but here goes... Initial problem with the car was lack of boost at around 3 - 4k revs, took the car to VW dealers and they had no idea what was wrong with it Has anyone else experienced Engine Problems with their Tiguan 1.4 TSI? Seems like VW has tried to punch to much power out of the 1.4, boosting it to the max. My Father in Law is having Massive problems with his, started to use more than a pint of oil on a tank in the last few 1000 km's 1.4tsi (138) Supercharger Issue - posted in Engine, Tuning and Performance: Hi all, New to this forum so I hope Ive got this in the right place! Ive just bought a 2006 1.4tsi sport but think it may have an issue. my dad is in the motor trade and got this one without me being able to test drive it

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  1. Volkswagen has announced the latest version of its TSI petrol engine range. The brand claims that, thanks to some seriously advanced technology, the new unit will perform more efficiently and deliver more power than the 1.4-litre it replaces. Volkswagen has fitted the new engine with a variable.
  2. By dismantling the linkage (which is partially seized) they solve the problem, & do not realise this! My local VW dealer has problems with Mk7 Golf's (1.4lt) which have sat on the forecourt without moving for a few months & a customer takes them for a test drive
  3. The Tiguan is available with a variety engines ranging from the 1.4TSI with 92 kW to the 2.0TSI with 162 kW and is also offered with VW's simply excellent DSG (dual-clutch automated) transmission
  4. Ok checked engine code on the Tiguan and it's a CTH motor code. So that's the 1.4tsi twincharged motor What's the deal regarding these motors and oil consumption and if it's bad can it be fixed under warranty/service plan
  5. Curiously, I don't remember having the same problem in the Tiguan 2.0 TSI, which came with thicker padding leather seats. The front-centre armrest was also positioned too far behind, and was too low to be of much use during long distance drives
  6. Could be an early sign that cylinder 2 is badly damaged and you might have to recondition engine. This is what happened to me recently. It sounds like a common problem with the TSI engines. I am wondering if there are claim against VW for such problems? My costs is about R63000 ($6000) repair work

The all-new MQB platform Volkswagen Tiguan is one car that Volkswagen desperately needs to make sure that it gains traction in Malaysia. Beset by a string of image denting quality issues in the past, Wolfsburg's pride in their German engineering heritage is a sentiment that's not shared among Malaysians The Jetta was first introduced in South Africa in 1980. Since then over 273 000 units of Jettas have been sold locally. It's a shock to me that even more aren't sold. When I was at CAR magazine, I had the pleasure of 'owning' the previous generation Jetta as my longterm test car. And it was. Self Study Programme 401 1.8 l TFSI 16v 118kW engine Architecture and Operation. 2 S401_001 Note A new family of engines has been developed, the EA 88 Re: Volkswagen Tiguan 1.4 TSI 27 February 2008 No I do not work for the VW group, I am a car enthusiast, and I like independent and objective tests, based on bare facts and not on subjective feelings

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Volkswagen ECU Repairs If you suspect a faulty ECU on your Volkswagen, check out our Volkswagen ECU Testing + Repair services below for all models Our verdict on the Skoda Rapid 1.4 TSI DSG. Amid rising new car prices the Rapid offers a welcome way out for hard-pressed consumers. The package offers huge value for money with a very appropriate mix of old and new technology, impressive practicality and an enjoyable driving experience Browse Volkswagen Polo GTi 1.4 Tsi for Sale (Used) listings on Cars.co.za, the latest Volkswagen news, reviews and car information. Everything you need to know on one page

The Apache Trail. Two roadsters separated by 50 years. Time for a TG history lesso for a number of months now i have been trying to fix a 2007 golf 1.4tsi engine code blg, the problem is with the switch over from supercharger to turbo. we have tried a number of things to sort the problem but so far no joy

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  1. With diesels in general - and VW diesels in particular - going through the mill right now, the launch of two new petrol Golfs is not only timely but potentially a saviour for a car that has.
  2. This entry was posted in Repaired ECU's and tagged 0261201928, 03C906022G, Passat 1.4TSi ECM Testing, Volkswagen Passat 1.4TSi ECU Problems, VW Passat 1.4TSI ECU Faults, VW Passat 1.4TSi PCM Repairs by smartAjaz. Bookmark the permalink
  3. Reading these common Volkswagen Scirocco problems should help you find out what is wrong with your Volkswagen Scirocco - or just what to look out for in the future. We'll also give suggestions on what to do if your Volkswagen Scirocco does have one of these issues
  4. The Volkswagen Golf GTI is currently, and has long been, one of the best and most popular examples of the hot-hatch formula - as much as many would like to argue the point.With its front-wheel.
  5. first drive 2015 Skoda Superb 1.4 TSI 150 hatchback review We've already been mightily impressed by the class-leading Skoda Superb. Now we're trying the 1.4-litre petrol version for the first time..
  6. Buy Mophorn Electronic Water Pump Professional Nylon Water Pump 1.4TSI Water Pump Replacement for 2006-2017 VW AUDI SEAT SKODA: Water Pumps - Amazon.com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchase
  7. The 1.4TSI engine is designed for high levels of power with low fuel consumption and will bound to excite you. The powertrain is equally dynamic and environmentally.

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CAR magazine's Skoda Kodiaq SE L 1.4 TSI DSG (2017) review We tested the petrol auto Skodiaq Side on: the Skoda Kodiaq is a large car The Skoda Kodiaq cabin: echoingly roomy,. The self-study programme shows the design and function of new developments. The contents will not be updated. For current testing, adjustment and repair instructions, refer to the relevant service literature. The 1.4l TSI* engine is the world's first petrol engine with direct petrol injection and dual-charging. Volkswagen i

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  1. The 2016 Volkswagen Golf has long been one of the benchmark models for compact hatchbacks, and today it stands as a broad family of hatchbacks and wagons, with variants ranging from frugal all.
  2. i have kept a look out over the last 6 months since I started looking at C.O.D. and have not have not seen a single problem of turbo linkage rattle on the 1.4 140ps C.O.D., only problems seen have been with the 1.4 122ps TFSI and the new clip clip seams to fix this if needed (if fitted correctly)
  3. Hey Guys, I've spent some time trawling around this page but in the end, I thought I'd just ask. What are the known problems (I've read about suspension and some DSG issues so far...) in the Mk 7 1.4TSI Golfs

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  1. 1.4 tfsi vs 1.4tsi power differences. AlexT Feb 27, 2016. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > Thanks for the advice, only problem I have now is the lack of kits or parts for.
  2. 2015 VW Jetta 1.4TSI airbox cover - Used quantity. Add to basket. BUMPER DAMAGED? NO PROBLEM, WE WILL DELIVER IT READY TO FIT! OR GET ONE OF OUR TECHNICIANS TO.
  3. Hi friends I need help please I've read ecu med17.5.1 eeprom by ktag and fgtech I want to remove immo But found eeprom see 00 What shall I do

Spark Plug Ignition Coils For VW Beetle Golf Jetta Passat AUDI A3 1.6FSI 1.4TSI. $19.93. Free shippin I test drove a Leon 1.4tsi MK3 and had one for 3 weeks while my Cupra was getting some work done. The New 1.4TSI is a lovely little engine with lovely early pull and good economy. On the test drive I was hooning it so it did about 35mpg which isnt bad. When I had one for 3 weeks I got an average of 45 mpg. Its also quiet and well refined I had a real problem with the plastic spigot rings on the Pro Race 3 alloys as the direct bore option is N/A on this alloy. So got a set of machined alloy full depth rings made, costly but the wheel sits perfectly centred now! Also got a good set of new taper head bolts & chrome look covers. Bigger battery mo Get the new CR-V in a few months, or if you must get this VW, still wait for the new CR-V to come out and then buy a Tiguan with a huge discount. 1.4TSI in this car is a rip-off should be at. Volkswagen to recall DSG problem cars (Xinhua) A total of 7,139 imported units of Scirocco 1.4TSI, Golf Variant, and Cross Golf that were produced between December, 2008 and September, 2011.