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Mobil Type F ATF is an automatic transmission fluid that is made from high quality base oils with viscosity index improvers, antioxidants, anti-wear agents, defoamants and special additives to provide the controlled frictional characteristics of a Type F fluid in automatic transmission applications Velkommen til Mitt Biltema. Som bruker kan du handle kampanjeprodukter til spesialpriser, lage innkjøpslister til enhver anledning og få oversikt over kjøpene dine med digitale kvitteringer I found this info on ATF about Dex Merc Type F Type A. Thought Id share. Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by garagedoreen, Feb 25, 2010 Ok this may be a dumb question but a mechanic(old school streetracer ) once told me i could use type f in place of dextron 3 to firm the shifts a little as it doesnt have the slippery additve for smooth clutch engagment, he said thats what B&M trick shift fluid was when it first came out. now I have to admit once upon a time i did this in my blazer a while ago when the tranny was a really.

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As to ATF, no problem mixing Dexron and Type F, one can actually fine tune shift harshness as Type F is in fact grippier. In my non electronic automatics I add a can of STP engine oil treatment due to its superior temperature control and extra viscosity ACDelco ATF Type III (H) is a premium quality automatic transmission fluid for use in a variety of passenger cars and light trucks. It is formulated with select base oils and additives to meet the heavy demands placed on automatic transmissions, including the generation of electronically controlled transmissions


Helsyntetisk. Til automatiske transmissioner/gearkasser, hvor der foreskrives en ATF-U-olie. Yder god beskyttelse mod termisk nedbrydning og oxidering Fiat 2012: Fiat 500 with AW60T Transmission SLF Mopar AW1 P/N 68092912AA MaxLife ATF, Import MV ATF Ford, Lincoln, Mercury Prior to 1981 FA Ford Type F Type F 1995-2009: All except as noted MA MERCON MaxLife ATF, MERCON V, DEX / MERC, Import MV ATF 1997: Ranger, Mazda B2300, Mazda B3000, Mazda B4000 and Aerostar; Explorer and Mountaineer with V The contents/container should be brought to a local household waste recycling site. Avoid release to the environment. Keep out of reach of children

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  1. no type f and standard atf are not the same. there are so many different types of atf, too many to describe here. type a on up to type f and beyond. and now you can find a synthetic also. mdk68gto, ase certified m tech · 9 years ag
  2. the use of a Type A or Type A Suffix A, DEXRON®, DEXRON®-II, DEXRON®-IIE, DEXRON®-III or MERCON® Automatic Transmission Fluid -- General Motors, Ford (other than M2C33F or Type F fluids), Chrysler, American Motors, Nissan, Honda, VW, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Isuzu, Toyota, Fiat, Audi, Alfa Romeo, Renault, Porsche and Mercedes Benz
  3. Mobil Type F ATF is an automatic transmission fluid which is made from high quality base oils with viscosity index improvers, antioxidants, anti-wear agents, defoamants and special additives to provide the controlled frictional characteristics of a Type F fluid in automatic transmission applications
  4. ATF E-Form 5400.13/5400.16 Revised November 2018. U.S. Department of Justice . Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. Application for Explosives License or Permi

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Super F is the industry's first synthetic Type F transmission fluid created by a high performance transmission company. Formulated and tested to perform in extreme applications, the unique synthetic Type F chemistry of Super F ATF provides measurable performance improvements over conventional fluids The basic difference is that type F contains no friction modifiers, while all others do in varying amounts. Toyota also used type F until the early 1980's. Our 1981 Toyota had the fluid changed and the shop used Dexron by mistake. It slipped badly. Type F back in, everything ok. As late as 1996, Ford was still calling for type F in power. DEXRON is the trade name for a group of technical specifications of automatic transmission fluid (ATF) created by General Motors (GM). The name is a registered trademark (later becoming a brand) of GM, which licenses the name and specifications to companies which manufacture the fluid and sell it under their own brand names

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  1. Ford Type F—an old ATF first introduced in 1967 and used in all Ford products prior to 1977, and in some until 1980; also used in various import vehicles of the period, including Mercury Capri, Jaguar, Mazda, Saab, Toyota, and Volvo. Type F is not compatible with any other ATF. Specifically, it is not compatible with Mercon ATFs
  2. Täyssynteettinen. Automaattisille voimansiirroille ja vaihteistoille, joissa on käytettävä ATF-U-öljyä. Suojaa tehokkaasti termiseltä hajoamiselta ja hapettumiselta. Suositellaan myös kylmäkäynnistykseen jäykille ja kankeille käsivaihteistoille varsinkin erittäin kylmällä säällä
  3. Mag 1 (910-6PK Type F Automatic Transmission Fluid - 1 Quart, (Pack of 6) 4.5 out of 5 stars 3. $27.21 $ 27. 21. Get it as soon as Mon, Apr 8. FREE Shipping by Amazon

Mercon entered the market in 1987, according to the book The Role of the Chemist in Automotive Design by Herman K. Phlegm. This automatic transmission fluid type ceased production in 2007. Mercon is used in Ford vehicles and is not compatible with Ford and Toyota's type F fluid Castrol ATF Dex II Multivehicle er en automatisk transmissionsvæske, som kan anvendes til automatiske transmissioner og servostyring i mange typer køretøjer, hvor der kræves Dexron IID eller Mercon. Den er også godkendt til brug i transmissioner i mange europæiske transportkøretøjer og i Mercedes Benz manuelle transmissioner Dexron is the brand name of transmission fluid manufactured for General Motors vehicles; Dexron-II was released in the 1970s, and Dexron-III was released in the 1990s. Dexron-III is considered to be backward compatible with other versions of Dexron, meaning it can be substituted for Dexron-II and other older versions of the fluid

Recommended for automatic transmissions/gearboxes requiring Type G oil (Ford M2C33-F and G). Can also be used for manual gearboxes (Volvo) for which ATF oil Type G is recommended atf ol olej do wspomagania olje biltema oil flush.. atf oil viscosity duramax oils olja i manuell vaxellada olej bmw motor,atf olje za menjalnik synthetic olie tomos mv szervo olaj fully automatic transmission fluid oil diii rock,atf olje i diesel oils vi millers d olej 2 7752 olja okq8 millermatic,000t4 amazoncom 0 atf olje za servo toyota olie transmission automatic 00279 lexus.

atf ol eneos premium diii synthetic olja dexron olie wiki olje mercedes.. at transmission litre atf oil in engine automatavalto olaj oils lubricating rs olje cena 120,bmw atf olja peninsula bm olje mercedes automatic 2 transmission oil szervo olaj,atf 14964378962 ii olaj mumbai olja typ f castrol olje mercedes oil id rs pack 366 at,stroke american atf olie tegen tikkende kleppen oil olja. The product spec sheet for Pennzoil Power Steering Fluid comprehensively lists vehicle power steering applications for this fluid as well as Type F and Dexron/Merc. Saab 1979-93 comes up under the Pennz Power Steering Fluid column, but NOT under the Type F or Dex/Merc columns Universal ATF Type F™ Automatic Transmission Fluid by Mobil 1®. Mobil Type F ATF is an automatic transmission fluid that is made from high quality base oils with viscosity index improvers, antioxidants, anti-wear agents, defoamants and special additives to provide the controlled frictional characteristics of a Type F fluid in automatic transmission applications Amalie (160-62836-56-12PK Type-F Automatic Transmission Fluid for Ford - 1 Quart, (Pack of 12) by Amalie. 5.0 out of 5 stars 9. Automotive $49.02 $ 49. 02

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Driven 03506 Super F Max Duty Synthetic Oil (Type F ATF - Quart), 1 quart See more like this SPONSORED Red Line Transmission Fluid - Type-F Racing - ATF - Synthetic - 1 qt - Eac For the power steering rack, it probably doesn't matter what type of ATF (Type F or Dextron-III/Mercon) you use. I was advised by a dealer once to use Type F. I used that a few times, but I've mostly used Dextron-III/Mercon Mobil Type F ATF is an automatic transmission fluid which is made from high quality base oils with viscosity index improvers, antioxidants, anti-wear agents, defoamants and special additives to provide the controlled frictional characteristics of a Type F fluid in automatic transmission applications. Product Data Shee


The owners manual of my new '06 FXP calls for specific ATF, including Subaru ATF-HP, Idemitsu ATF-HP, Castrol Transmax J or Pennzoil ATF-J, none of which I can find. In fact my local dealer did not know it existed. The -HP atf has been a spec for the 5EAT for a while, but is new for my 4EAT for '06. Previous models were OK to use Dexron III III Automatic Transmission Fluid, Multivehicle ATF. If you have a car made to use Dexron ATF, it is. (The other kind is Type F, which goes in old Fords, old Saabs and probably a couple other. If your vehicle manufacturer recommends ATF Type F for use in your transaxle (gearbox), don't use a Dexron based automatic transmission fluid (such as Valvoline DX3), as it might harm your. ATF Type F is a premium quality fluid recommended for older Ford, Borg Warner, European and some Japanese automatic transmissions requiring Type F Save on CARQUEST Oil & Fluids Type F ATF Automatic Transmission Fluid, 1 Quart CQ410 at Advance Auto Parts. Buy online, pick up in-store in 30 minutes

FORMULA SHELL ATF/ SHELL DONAX T FLUIDS Premium fluids for automatic transmissions Product Description FormulaShell ATF MERCON /DEXRON -III - Donax TG and FormulaShell ATF Type F- Donax TF are formulated to meet the viscometric, friction, wear and oxidation stability properties required i So ATF is a very versatile fluid. That's why maintaining that fluid can he so critical to transmission life. A few years back, there were only two types of fluid on the market: Type A and type F. Conventional wisdom said that Type F was for Ford vehicles and Type A was for everything else Shell Spirax S5 ATF X is suitable in many Kia, pre-2003 VW/Audi, Mazda, Subaru, Suzuki, Isuzu, Hyundai, Daewoo transmissions where a DEXRON®/MERCON®/MERCON® V fluid is allowed. Application Exceptions 1) Shell Spirax S5 ATF X should not be used where Type F fluids are recommended; check application manual if the vehicle is on

PEAK® DEXRON® III/MERCON® Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) is recommended for use in automatic transmissions in GM, Ford (except where Ford M2C33-F is specified) and other domestic and foreign vehicles requiring DEXRON® III, IIE AND II, as well as MERCON® ATF Mobil ATF D/M Specifications and approvals. Mobil ATF D/M is recommended by ExxonMobil for use in applications requiring: GM Dexron ® III H Ford's Mercon ® Allison C-4 Note: Mobil ATF D/M is not recommended for other applications, including GM DEXRON® VI, Ford MERCON® V , MERCON LV®, MERCON SP® and Type F ATF. Technical detail What is Ford type F automatic transmission fluid and why to use it ? What is Ford type F automatic transmission fluid and why to use it ? 10 Min Automatic Transmission Fluid Flush.


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  1. RAVENOL ATF Fluid Type F is an universal ATF (automatic transmission fluid) for use as a speciality transmission oil for Ford, Borg Warner and Volvo. RAVENOL ATF Fluid Type F is designed based on refined base oils with a special additive treatment and inhibition ensuring trouble-free function
  2. • Wherever a fluid meeting Ford's specification M2C33-F is required. • May be used in some hydraulic and compressor systems where excellent low temperature flow ability is required. Type F APPLICATIONS PERFORMANCE TYPE F AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION FLUI
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  4. Havoline® Automatic Transmission Fluid MD-3 Recommended for you Havoline ATF MERCON V is designed specifically for use in Ford Motor Company transmissions that require a MERCON V fluid
  5. So ATF is a very versatile fluid. That's why maintaining that fluid can be so critical to transmission life. A few years back, there were only two types of fluid on the market: Type A and Type F. Conventional wisdom said that Type F was for Fords and Type A was for everything else
  6. Valvoline ™ Type F is a high-quality transmission fluid specifically engineered to protect and prolong the life of automatic transmissions. It is designed for use where Ford specifications M2C33-F, M2C33-G and Ford Type F fluids are recommended. Other applications include air compressors, general purpose hydraulics and power steering system

1800 Brand MULTI-VEHICLE ATF provides excellent wear protection for all passenger cars and light trucks requiring the use of a Type A or Type A Suffix A, GM DEXRON , GM DEXRON -II, GM DEXRON -lIE, GM DEXRON -III (H), Ford MERCON or MERCONV automatic transmission fluid Exxon Superflo ATF Automatic Transmission Fluid is or was manufactured by Exxon Corporation. In this cross reference tool, PSC offers this Exxon Superflo ATF Transmission Fluid and/or equivalent products of the similar quality and performance. For additional product information, when you are on the individual product page, just scroll down to. ATF DII (Dexron 2) 5LT. About ATF DII (Dexron 2) 5LT. Many of these applications include automatic transmissions, power shift transmissions, hydrostatic drives, torque converters, power steering syste..

The market for automatic transmission fluid (ATF) has recently become saturated, if you'll pardon the pun. There used to be just two choices: Type F for the Blue Oval guys, and GM's Dexron for. To the original poster, you do not want to use any ATF in an older C4 or C6 transmission that is not Type F. It doesn't really matter what brand it is, so long as it is marked Type F Fluid. You specifically do NOT want to use any other fluid including fluids that claim to be for All Makes and even list type F in that list Petro-Canada ATF Type F meets the now obsolete Ford ESW-M2C33-F and ESP-M2C33-G specifications and is recommended wherever Ford Type F fluid is required. Petro-Canada ATF Type F may be used in older vehicles where a non-friction modified automatic transmission fluid meeting Ford Type F is required including Service Pro Global Full Synthetic Multi-Vehicle Automatic Transmission Fluid is suitable for use in the following applications: Fluid 8432 F ATF P/N 000 043 204 Page 3 SPWNGLATF Updated: 03/18 Association of Independent Oil Distributors • www.service-pro.com • P.O. Box 1861 • Montrose, CO 81402 USA OEM / ATF APPLICATION OEM / ATF APPLICATIO We work out the trending price by crunching the data on the product's sale price over the last 90 days. New refers to a brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item, while Used refers to an item that has been used previously

71141, ATF Type T-IV Dexron VI, Part No. G 052 990 (A2) Volvo All except: 1999-05 XC90 W/AW50AWD, Models requiring Type F 1982-2007 Dexron II, III, ATF Type T-IV Dexron VI Note: 1. Sharlu Universal ATF can not be used where Type F fluids are recommended, check your manual if your vehicle if one of the following Type of ATF in 1985 190D Hello; I have a 1984 190D with a slight transmission fluid leak that is the causation for me having to add fluid as needed regularly, and I use Dextron III. As long as I maintain proper fluid level, it works like a charm - good, strong shifting that is consistent you'd never think it was such an old automobile

Re: Dexron II mixed with Type F Tranny fluid 01-03-03 02:25 PM - Post# 151664 In response to dq409 dq409 you are right. Note that Grumpy's universal fluid does not list Type F as an application. It is different - it has the friction modifiers mentioned. Type F fluid is very similar to Dexron except for the friction modifier package Dexron 11 and 3 is also gone. It has been upped to dexron 6 GM makes a good standard transmission fluid for extra lube on synromash rings Or even a good synthetic automatic transmission fluid should give good lubrication on a standard transmission Automatic transmission fluid (ATF), also known as transmission fluid or tranny fluid (), is the fluid used in vehicles with self-shifting or automatic transmissions.It is typically coloured red or green to distinguish it from motor oil and other fluids in the vehicle

Automatic Transmission Fluid DM is a premium multifunctional power transmission fluid for all makes of cars, not just GM. It also meets pre-2006 GM and Ford vehicle requirements. It should not be used in applications calling for Dexron® VI, Mercon® V, SP, and Type F, Chrysler ATF +3,+4, CVT, and 6-speed transmissions Shop for Castrol DEXRON VI Transmax automatic transmission fluid 15B1A0 with confidence at AutoZone.com. Parts are just part of what we do. Get yours online today and pick up in store 1995-2010 Honda ATF - Z1 Dexron III & SB101 or SB203 TR120 / TR200* 2.4LEngine Acura ATF Type 2.0 Synthetic ATF & SB203 TR120 / TR200* 3.5L Engine Acura ATF Type 3.0 Synthetic ATF & SB203 TR120 / TR200* 2011-2014 Honda ATF - DW-1 Synthetic ATF & SB203 TR120 / TR200* 2004-2010 Honda ATF - Z1 Dexron III & SB101 or SB203 TR120 / TR200 Mobil ATF 320 er en højtydende automatgearolie. Mobil ATF 320 anbefales til de fleste passager- og varebiler med automatgear. Også anvendelig til servosystemer, hydraulik og visse manuelle transmissioner, hvor automatgearolie specificeres. • Type: ATF 320 . • Indhold: 1 liter.-----Skadelig ved indtagelse (H302)

SynGard™ Full Synthetic Multi-Vehicle ATF is an ultra-premium, full synthetic automatic transmission fluid fully licensed by General Motors for Dexron VI fluids and by Ford Motor Company for Mercon LV requirements. SynGard™ Full Synthetic Multi-Vehicle ATF is designed to meet the curren ATF TYPE F/G Safety Data Sheet according to Regulation (EC) No. 453/2010 04/02/2015 EN (English) 4/6 9.2. Other information No additional information available SECTION 10: Stability and reactivity 10.1. Reactivity None under normal conditions. 10.2. Chemical stability Stable under normal conditions. 10.3. Possibility of hazardous reaction Top Tec ATF 1200 is an automatic gear oil from the latest generation based on synthetic HC base oils in combination with the latest high-performance additives. The outstanding composition of various base oil and additive components ensures optimum stabil

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Pentosin CHF 11S is a synthetic high performance hydraulic fluid for life-time application in modern vehicle aggregates. Pentosin CHF 11S is especially designed for hydraulics in the automotive industry with the highest technical requirements such as in: power steering, level control, shock absorber, hydro-pneumatic suspension, stability and traction control, hydraulics for convertible tops. safety data sheet 5w-40 fully synthetic oil section 1: identification of the substance/mixture and of the company/undertaking 1.1. product identifier product name 5w-40 fully synthetic oil product no. drf001, drf005, drf025, drf199, gfy025, gfy050, hbs105, hbs106, jsb126, jsb130, jsb131, mac310, mac939, mor126, xak010, xak050

Pennzoil ® ATF Type F automatic transmission fluid is specially formulated to meet the lubrication requirements of specific automatic transmission units, power steering systems, and hydraulic systems requiring a non-friction modified type fluid. It is formulated to help in the following areas: reduce clutch and brake fluid slippage, show high.

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Type F Automatic Transmission Fluid by Mobil 1™.Mobil Type F ATF is an automatic transmission fluid that is made from high quality base oils with viscosity index improvers, antioxidants, anti-wear agents, defoamants and special.. ATF 3002 TYPE F/G ATF TYPE F/G oil has been specifically designed for use in automatic FORD-transmissions (GLIDE). It is characterized by its very high viscosity index and low pour point, which ensure optimal performance in a broad temperature range. application Mercon V was introduced in 2008 and supersedes any requirements for H, CJ or Mercon. It does not replace Type F or Type FA, but is often marketed in retail establishments now as Dexron III/Mercon V and takes the place of any previous non-Type F/FA requirements Super Tech Automatic Transmission Fluid Type F is a premium quality automatic transmission fluid formulated to provide excellent performance in your vehicle. It is best when used in Ford Motor Company automatic transmissions built prior to 1977 and certain models for years 1977 through 1980 Red Line C+ ATF also provides the best low-temperature shiftability in automatic transmissions allowing proper shifting at extremely low temperatures and will flow down to temperatures as low as -60°C. The improved wear protection makes C+ ATF the perfect automatic transmission or transaxle fluid for Chrysler vehicles SUNOCO TYPE F ATF is an automatic transmission fluid made from high quality base oils and additives that is specialized to provide the controlled frictional characteristics of a Type F fluid in older automatic transmission applications