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All the Flights From Osaka to Tokyo Are Here. Book in 3 Clicks and Save Daily Special Hotel Deals. 24/7 Customer Services. We Speak Your Language The shinkansen network consists of multiple lines, among which the Tokaido Shinkansen (Tokyo - Nagoya - Kyoto - Osaka) is the oldest and most popular. All shinkansen lines (except the Akita and Yamagata Shinkansen) run on tracks that are exclusively built for and used by shinkansen trains

Tokyo's famous landmarks include the soaring tower of Tokyo Sky Tree, the ornate Kabukiza Theater, and the grand shrine of Meiji-jingu. By Train. The high speed shinkansen or bullet train provides the fastest, most convenient and most comfortable transport service between Osaka and Tokyo. Trains depart from Shin-Osaka Station If you're making a quick visit from Tokyo to Osaka, then popping down to Hiroshima, for example, the pass will more than pay for itself. Only doing the Tokyo to Osaka route? Discounted Shinkansen tickets are available. So are buses and other cheapo alternatives. Read on for a full breakdown of options. Shinkansen (bullet train) from Tokyo to. You can book Shinkansen/Bullet train tickets online here. You can book tickets from Shin-Osaka to Kyoto, Tokyo, Nagoya, Hiroshima, and many more cities in Japan

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Book through Klook and get tickets to ride the famous Shinkansen Bullet Train from Osaka to Tokyo or Nagoya! This is a must for those looking for a fast mode of transportation to get to either destination The Details Shinkansen (Bullet Train) Between Tokyo and Osaka. The best way to travel between Tokyo and Osaka is the shinkansen (bullet train). The fastest type of shinkansen, which is called the Nozomi, takes around 2 hours and 30 minutes and costs Y13,620 for a one-way trip in an unreserved seat Updated June 2018 - Looking at the cost of travel from Tokyo to Osaka. Plan your trips from Tokyo to Osaka, Japan with our guide to the best transport options and how much it costs. Includes Shinkansen, flights, buses and local trains to Osaka

If you travel to or from Osaka on the shinkansen then you will pass through Shin-Osaka Station.This is the only station in Osaka that is connected to the shinkansen network and it is the common terminus of two shinkansen lines: the Tokaido line and the Sanyo line Nozomi Shinkansen. Stops: Tokyo - Shinagawa - Shin-Yokohama - Nagoya - Kyoto - Shin-Osaka. The fastest shinkansen of the Tokaido Line. They stop only at major stations along the route, reaching Shin-Osaka Station from Tokyo Station in about two and a half hours. Eight trains depart per hour - four in each direction - with.

The Tokyo-Osaka Hokuriku Arch Pass is a rail pass that allows holders to travel between Tokyo and Osaka via Kanazawa, using the Hokuriku Shinkansen. It is not the fastest way to travel between Tokyo and Osaka, but it allows pass holders to visit the less-explored Hokuriku Region along the way The Tōkaidō Shinkansen (東海道新幹線) is a Japanese high-speed Shinkansen line, opened in 1964 between Tokyo and Shin-Ōsaka.Since 1987 it has been operated by the Central Japan Railway Company (JR Central), prior to that by Japanese National Railways (JNR) On the way to the train station, we will visit Osaka Castle where the cherry blossom trees bloom beautifully during the spring. We will visit the Castle Tower which houses an informative museum about the castle's history and Toyotomi Hideyoshi. Afterward, we will depart for Atami on the HIKARI & KODAMA SHINKANSEN. The Shinkansen is a network.

The Shinkansen bullet train is Japan's pride, being the first high-speed train in the world. It attracts travellers with its high levels of safety, speeds over 200 km per hour, and frequent departures - every 3-5 minutes The Tōkaidō Shinkansen began service on 1 October 1964, in time for the first Tokyo Olympics. The conventional Limited Express service took six hours and 40 minutes from Tokyo to Osaka, but the Shinkansen made the trip in just four hours, shortened to three hours and ten minutes by 1965 Tokyo to Kyoto and Osaka by Shinkansen bullet train. Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka are connected with by the Tokaido Shinkansen line, included with the Japan Rail Pass.. This line is the most heavily travelled high-speed rail route in the world, with has a length of 515 km (320 miles), and offers the fastest and smoothest way for travelling between Tokyo station, and Shin-Osaka or Kyoto stations

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Shinkansen - Tokyo - Osaka. Shinkansen - Tokyo - Osaka. Skip navigation Sign in. Search. Loading... Close. This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue. Remove all Book Shinkansen tickets between Tokyo and Osaka, and make your travels in Japan easy by having them mailed to your hotel before you even arrive! A smooth and simple way of buying your bullet train tickets The timetable of Shinkansen can be quickly examined In this case, if you get off at Tokyo Station, you're already at the heart of the city. If you fly, you'll still need a 30-45-minute transfer. The ride itself can be quite an experience too. CONS! The only problem with the shinkansen is the price. To get to Tokyo Station from Shin-Osaka: Fare: ¥8750. Seat Fees Unreserved: ¥4870 Reserved.

Book through Klook and get tickets to ride the famous Shinkansen Bullet Train from Tokyo to Osaka or Kyoto! This is a must for those looking for a fast mode of transportation to get to either destination The timetable of Tokaido & Sanyo Shinkansen, Jouetsu Shinkansen, Nagano Shinkansen,Tohoku Shinkansen, Yamagata Shinkansen, Akita Shinkansen, and Kyushu Shinkansen can be searched. How to use in the Shinkansen timetable. Please select the station name from a left menu. Please specify the direction and a day of the week

Tokyo to Osaka Train Timetable. While you can easily access a Shinkansen timetable for Tokyo to Osaka trains (I like HyperDia.com and the HyperDia app for this, and all other trains in Japan), it's not really necessary in my opinion. Departures on all three Shinkansen variants take place several times per hour, which means that unless you. The Nozomi Shinkansen is the fastest train, going from one end to the other in 2 hours and 40 minutes. It makes the least amount of stops, only stopping in Tokyo, Shinagawa, Shin-Yokohama, Nagoya, Kyoto, and Shin-Osaka. Unfortunately, you cannot use this train with a Japan Rail Pass. The good news is, there's not much of a difference between. With over 500,000 readers each month, Tokyo Cheapo is the site of choice for value hunters who want their yen to go further in Tokyo. We cover all the basics including things to do in Tokyo, how to get from Narita airport to Tokyo, which JR rail pass to choose, getting a SIM card and pocket wifi Ticket detail Departure: Tokyo Arrival: Shin-Osaka Time: 2 hours 30 minutes~ Tokaido shinkansen Seat Unreserved: You can have an available seat at non-reserved seat cars only. Reserved You can have a reserved seat at reserved cars. Green reserved You can have a business class seat at Green cars

Answer 1 of 4: Can anyone tell me how much is the Shinkansen tickets from Tokyo to Osaka (via Hikari) for one way? I am trying to compare to see if it is more worth it to buy a Japan Rail Pass This pass allows the user to ride various trains, including the Shinkansen. The price for a seven-day pass is 29,110 yen. For comparison, the regular Shinkansen fare for a one-way, reserved seat from Tokyo to Osaka is 14,450 yen, so purchasing this JAPAN RAIL PASS makes up for the cost of a round trip Terms and Conditions for Special Fares and Passes Please Read Carefully. The purchase, exchange and use of tickets are subject to eligibility. Proof of identification such as a passport or student identification card may be required during the use of tickets on East Japan Railway Company (JR East)

1. Bullet Train or Shinkansen. The fastest and most efficient way for you to travel between Tokyo and Osaka is by taking the bullet train, or, in Japan, more commonly known as the Shinkansen. There are several different shinkansen trains to choose from, depending on a few different factors. If you have a Japan Rail Pass Tokyo dan Osaka adalah dua kota yang wajib dikunjungi jika kamu baru pertama kali ke Jepang. Pesona Tokyo, si ibu kota dan Osaka kota besar di area Kansai ini adalah kota yang cocok untuk berwisata, shopping, wisata kuliner dan penuh dengan entertainment The Shinkansen is one of the best ways to travel domestically in Japan. There are 3 types of high-speed bullet trains: 1) Nozomi - the most frequents and fastest trains getting from Osaka to Tokyo in 2 hours and 30 minutes, 2) Hikari - includes a couple more stops getting you from Osaka to Tokyo. Join us as we journey from Tokyo to Osaka on the Shinkansen, one of the fastest trains in the world! Like this video? Subscribe here and join us for more adv.. Exactly 50 years have passed since the Tōkaidō Shinkansen began running between Tokyo and Osaka. Japan's high-speed train service has expanded over a half century into a broad network of.

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  1. Nozomi Shinkansen is the fastest of all the Shinkansen services. The Nozomi travels at up to 300Km/h and does Tokyo Osaka in 2.5 hours. Nozomi (のぞみ) is the fastest train service running on the Tōkaidō/Sanyō Shinkansen
  2. Tokyo Osaka by Plane. Most domestic flights go from Haneda Airport Tokyo to Osaka's northern Itami Airport (ITM), connected to the city by the Osaka Monorail. Tokyo Osaka By bus. Overnight highway buses from Tokyo and other areas can get you to Osaka for significantly less than a Shinkansen ticket
  3. Up to 22% off Shinkansen tickets from Tokyo to Kyoto and Osaka! Book a package and travel quickly around Japan on the bullet train, with hotels, ryokan and more
  4. Unlimited use of ordinary car reserved seat on Hokuriku Shinkansen (Tokyo to Kanazawa), limited express, and local (including rapid service) trains (non-reserved seat on HARUKA) and all Tokyo Monorail lines within the free usage area. * Service on Tokaido and Sanyo Shinkansen is not covered

A Tokyo travel agency, Travel Pal is a one stop travel site catered for foreign visitors and a leading provider of travel related services and offer tour packages, arrange customized inbound tours covering flights, rails, transfers, hotel booking, private sightseeing tour and vehicle hire arrangements Besides, the Shinkansen, Japan's high-speed bullet train, is not just a mode of transportation, but an experience in itself that you should not miss out on. WAUG offers a range of Shinkansen deals including Osaka to Tokyo route, Kyoto, Nagoya, Okayama, and Hiroshima routes. Experience Japan's iconic Shinkansen at an affordable price

Board the famous Shinkansen bullet train to travel from Tokyo to Kyoto or Osaka, the biggest cities in Kansai. Feel the stability of this fast, efficient, and safe train, even at its top speed of 320 kilometers per hour. If the weather is clear, you may also be able to see the amazing Mount Fuji from your comfortable seat Six exits, South, Central and North at both ground and underground. There is no Shinkansen ticket gates. So if you get on Tokaido/Sanyo Shinkansen from Tokyo station Marunouchi side, you can go through any exits and enter Tokyo station anyway. After you enter Tokyo station, you need to go through one more ticket gate, Shinkansen transfer gate

There are three types of Tokaido-Sanyo Shinkansen, namely, Nozomi, Hikari, and Kodama. The Nozomi Shinkansen stops at fewer stations compared to the other two, and is your quickest route to the Kansai region of Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe and beyond. Note that the JR Rail Pass cannot be used on this particular train JR-EAST: Shinkansen and Limited Express Train Reservations. Step2, Press the refund button. There are no cancellations fees charged by 11:40 p.m. (23:40, Japan Standard Time) 2 days prior to the date you travel, but cancellation request is not accepted after this time For details on the shinkansen trip between Tokyo and Osaka, see the How To Travel From Tokyo to Osaka page. Note that the trip between Tokyo and Osaka takes just a bit less than 3 hours, so you have time to do some sightseeing in Tokyo on this morning and some in Osaka this afternoon. Day 4: Osaka: Osaka Bay Area and Kita Distric

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JR Central, operator of the Tokaido Shinkansen, is planning a maglev line between Tokyo and Osaka with trains that would travel up to 505 kilometers per hour, reducing the journey to only 67 minutes. Linear motor Maglev L-0 high speed train on Yamanashi test line in Japa Answer 1 of 36: We going kyoto/osaka/tokyo etc end this year end. We will be buying the JR rail pass (national) for shinkansen, JR subway ride etc. We also already have planned on the dates of each location The railway is actually made up of two connected bullet train lines: the Sanyo Shinkansen, which links Hakata Station in Fukuoka with Shin-Osaka Station, and the Tokaido Shinkansen, which connects Shin-Osaka with Kyoto, Nagoya and Tokyo. Some through-service trains on the network travel all the way from Hakata to Tokyo in just over five hours The Hikari and Kodama trains on the Tokaido Shinkansen lines are covered by the Japan Rail Pass, and they can take you from Tokyo to Osaka in about 3 to 4 hours. In Tokyo, you can catch the Shinkansen either at Tokyo Station or Shinagawa Station, and then arrive to Shin-Osaka Station in Osaka

Japan's bullet train system, or Shinkansen, is the granddaddy of high-speed rail. It debuted in 1964, allowing commuters to travel between the major cities of Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka, at speeds. On October 1, 1964, the shinkansen began commercial service between Japan's two largest cities of Tokyo and Osaka. Now 50 years on, the iconic train runs from Aomori in the north to Kagoshima in. 3-Day Kyoto and Osaka Train & Hotel Package (One Way from Tokyo to Osaka) (Early Departure) 4.5 2reviews Shinkansen Bullet Train; Package; 1. This unguided set plan includes one-way Shinkansen from Tokyo and accommodation in Kyoto and Osaka. 2 No matter which shinkansen train you take, the price of the train ticket will be the same. When you buy your ticket, you don't need to specify which train you want to take, unless you are buying a reserved seat. For unreserved seats, you can simply go to the shinkansen ticket office and say you'd like a ticket for Tokyo to Kyoto

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I bet the Shinkansen experience will still be worth it for me if I did the buying of the tickets on my own. It's a very, very fun and quiet way to travel. This smooth Shinkansen ride was the great in-between for my equally awesome Tokyo and Osaka trip with Air Asia X JR-East Train Reservation - Seat Reservation Service Online for Shinkansen and Limited Express Train in East Japan Region. Official Site of East Japan Railway Company The opening of the Tokaido Shinkansen between Tokyo and Shin-Osaka station in Osaka in October 1964 heralded the start of the high-speed railway age. It came at a time when many countries were turning their attention to planes and cars HyperDia-timetable is a service which offers the route and the timetable of the railway and the aviation within Japan. The route search corresponds to not only Japanese but also English and Chinese If you're arriving in Japan at Narita International Airport and heading to Kyoto or Osaka, transferring from the Narita Express to the Shinkansen bullet train at Shinagawa Station is easy and quick. In fact, it's quicker than doing it at Tokyo Station because of Shinagawa's layout. This article will show you how to do it

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Tokyo to Osaka by train, flight Shinkansen Train train Standart Seat inside photo Shinkansen Train train Standart Seat outside photo. Standart Seat. Book no The first shinkansen was the Tokaido Shinkansen opened in 1964 between Toyo, Kyoto and Osaka, later extended as the Sanyo Shinkansen to Hiroshima, Kobe and Hakata. There are now a whole range of shinkansen lines linking all the most important cities in Japan, including Niigata, Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Hiroshima, Hakata and Kagoshima

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The Japan Rail Pass is a discount pass for travel on Japan Railways (JR) rail lines and is one of the best value deals for touring Japan. If you're traveling to multiple regions on Japan's main islands and you'd like to save some money, a Japan Rail pass is a must-have - it basically pays for itself if you're making one return trip by Shinkansen bullet train from Tokyo to Kyoto New Shinkansen variants are still under development, maintaining the country's pre-eminent technological position. The project. The first line to see these ground-breaking trains was from Tokyo to Osaka, the Tokaido Shinkansen, opened in October 1964 We will be a family of 4. 2 adults, 2 kids - 7 and 5 years old. We would like to take a shinkansen from Shin Osaka to Nagoya. May I know if there is any cheaper way to get the ticket? (I understand there is some pass but we will only take 1 trip for the Shinkansen. May I know if it is free for the 5.

Where is the Shinkansen Station in Tokyo located? i will be travelling to japan (entry in Osaka) in the next few months and i want to stay in tokyo for a few days.Is there more than one train station in Tokyo? thank The Tokaido Shinkansen is the world's busiest high-speed rail line, carrying 151 million passengers per year between Tokyo and Osaka. At peak times, up to thirteen trains per hour with sixteen cars each (1,323-seat capacity) run in each direction with a minimum headway of three minutes between trains! Wheelchair Accessibilit Besides, the Shinkansen, Japan's high-speed bullet train, is not just a mode of transportation, but an experience in itself that you should not miss out on. WAUG offers a range of Shinkansen deals including Osaka to Tokyo route, Kyoto, Nagoya, Okayama, and Hiroshima routes. Experience Japan's iconic Shinkansen at a more affordable price

The Shinkansen has a rich history in Japan. The English term bullet train comes from the direct translation of the project to originally build the Shinkansen, way back in the 1930s. The Tokaido line, which runs from Tokyo to Osaka, was the first Shinkansen route and started operation in 1964 The Shinkansen is commonly known outside Japan as the 'bullet train' but the word actually means 'new trunk line'. It is a high-speed passenger train system which now stretches from the southern island of Kyushu to the main island of Honshu with Fukuoka, Hiroshima, Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo connected The first Shinkansen, the 0 series, traveled between Tokyo and Osaka in 3 hours and 10 minutes at a maximum speed of 210 kph. The Shinkansen featured white and blue colors to convey the ideas of new and fast. It was nicknamed dangoppana—literally, dango dumpling nose—after the shape of the locomotive

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  1. Buying shinkansen bullet train tickets online is simple through an official agent like GoVoyagin.com. Follow the links to make your purchase for a one way or round trip shinkansen ticket on a specific route: Tokyo to Kyoto shinkansen tickets; Tokyo to Osaka shinkansen tickets; Tokyo to Hiroshima shinkansen tickets; Tokyo to Kanazawa shinkansen.
  2. The Shinkansen (新幹線) is a group of high speed railway lines in Japan, upon which the famous Bullet Trains run. The Shinkansen are run by the many JR companies. In the past, Japan Railway was called Japanese National Railways It is now one group of private companies. JR also run commuter trains and inter city trains around Tokyo
  3. g to Nagano from Tokyo you need to take the Hokuriku Shinkansen Line bound for Kanazawa
  4. g along at up to 300km/h but without the hassle of airport security and excess baggage charges, Japan's high-speed Shinkansen trains are a great way to commute between the country's major cit..

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  1. Hi Bonson, I would like to say the information that you provided is very helpful. I am traveling to Tokyo on 24/7/16 (travel to a hotel via Keisei train) and plan to travel from Tokyo to Kyoto via Shinkansen Bullet Train in the morning of 27/07/2016 and then travel to Osaka on 28/7/16 then go home from Kansai Airport on 29/7/16
  2. Puratto Kodama: Cheap Shinkansen Tickets. If you're following me on Twitter, you'll know that I recently went to Tokyo for the weekend. Living in Nagoya, I frequently get hit with the urge to get out and do something new, but one of the biggest blocks to doing so is the cost of travel
  3. It's important to note that the Nozomi, Japan's fastest train between Tokyo and Osaka on the Tokaido Shinkansen Line is not included in the Japan Rail (JR) Pass. No news yet on whether or not the.
  4. The most popular shinkansen in Japan is the Tokaido Shinkansen. This bullet train, named for the road that took travelers in centuries past between the new and old capitals, goes from Tokyo to Osaka. There are three trains that travel on the Tokaido Shinkansen line: th
  5. Tokyo station guide. How to change the trains, Shinkansen, Narita Express and other local trains. JR Special Rapid Service, most useful train among Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe and Himeji. Tokaido and Sanyo Shinkansen (Bullet Train), Most popular train to Kyoto, Osaka, Hiroshima and Hakata from Tokyo. Reserved seat VS Non reserved seat

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  1. Reaching Himeji From Tokyo, Osaka And Kyoto - Routes And Souvenirs! Hyogo 2017.02.10 Bookmark. Himeji is a city in Hyogo prefecture's southwestern region and is a day trip spot from Osaka and Kyoto. Here are the best routes from Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto to Himeji and information on souvenirs from Himeji Station
  2. The Shinkansen, colloquially known in English as the bullet train, is a network of high-speed railway lines in Japan. Initially built to connect distant Japanese regions with Tokyo, the capital, in order to aid economic growth and development, beyond long-distance travel it is now also used as a commuter rail network
  3. greetings, it will be our first time in japan and one experience will be a ride on the nozomi shinkansen (bullet train). how much is the fare from tokyo to osaka and back (per way/per person)? can we purchase the ticket on the day of the trip? we will visit osaka for a day via shinkansen, can we return to tokyo late in the afternoon or early evening by nozomi shinkansen
  4. The JR Tōkaidō Shinkansen and Sanyō Shinkansen have services between Tokyo (depart Tokyo Station) and Shin-Osaka Station, through to Hakata. Nozomi trains will make the journey without need for changing trains. A Nozomi Shinkansen from Tokyo to Hakata takes around five hours
  5. With our Kyoto Tour from Tokyo via Bullet Train (Shinkansen) you will visit the picture-perfect city of Kyoto, home to thousands of temples and shrines. From Tokyo you will head to a train station of your choice and jump on board the Nozomi Shinkansen bullet train to the historic city of Kyoto

This 9 night sample itinerary includes: Flight into Tokyo and out of Osaka; High-speed train Shinkansen (Japan Rail Pass - bullet train) 7 Days Japan Rail Pass is included by default Day 5 - Tokyo. I took Shinkansen to Tokyo from Shin-Osaka as flying back to Singapore from Tokyo. The Shinkansen ticket cost JPY 13,620 one way and the journey took about 2 hours 30 minutes (Nozomi train). PRESS BUTTER SAN To travel from Tokyo to Osaka by train, please read the following information. Buy your train ticket online via the booking links bellow. Excellent high-speed train connections are available in Japan. Your travel route could be like that Tohoku Shinkansen Train. The East Japan Railway Company offers the Tohoku Shinkansen, a modern Japanese high-speed train often called a bullet train.The Tohoku line was first introduced by JR East in 1982 and is used to connect the capital city of Tokyo with Aomori, the capital of Aomori Prefecture Osaka also has a strong culture of bargaining which may excite tourists ;-) Best things to buy in Tokyo Best things to buy in Osaka: Conclusion: If you wanna get latest, trendy items, Tokyo is the choice. But Osaka can entertain you more while you shop with gigantic shop displays and friendly staff